[Xamarin Forms] Button text alignment issue in Android

Recently, I had to deal with custom Buttons in my Android application.
So I designed custom renderers to render it.

Unfortunately, I encountered a strange behavior with the text alignment of my buttons.
This happens when the button changes of state:

- Originally the button's text is centered
- When you click it, the text moves to the left

See images below:

Before / after the button click

After investigating, I found a solution to my problem.
In my Android custom button renderer, I had to overwrite a specific method: ChildDrawableStateChanged

public class ExtButtonRenderer : ViewRenderer<Extbutton, global::android.widget.button> 
    public override void ChildDrawableStateChanged(Android.Views.View child)

        if (Control != null)
            Control.Text = Control.Text;

That's all !

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