[Spoon] Android testing tool

Did you heard about Spoon ?
If you are a mobile developer (in our case an Android developer with hundreds of available target devices), and you know how much testing your app is important, take a look at Spoon !

This tool will enable you to test your app simultaneously
- on several android devices,
- to take different steps screenshots during your tests,
- to display the results in a meaningful way
- to compare screenshots from the several devices...

Spoon is available on Github:

All you need to start is here:

Just take a look below or click on the link below to display a Spoon output sample:

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[News] Microsoft acquire Xamarin !

In its original blog post (that you can find it here), Scott Guthrie has announced that Microsoft acquired Xamarin, the company that gave us the technology to develop mobile apps in C# for  iOS, Android and WP :)

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

In my mind it s a good news for the futur evolution of the technology, however we can ask ourself about the futur development and pricing strategies... Hope it will be more accessible, at less in term of pricing, than the actual version !

What do you think ?

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[Fast selection] Templates to create a 'pro magazine looking' blog


Today I wanted to create a new blog about new technology articles. So I was looking for good looking templates because I'm too lazy to create my own :)

I Googled some hours to find the good ONEs ! My key points were:
 - a clear design
 - with spaced elements
 - elegant or magazine looking styles
 - no flashy colors

So I propose you my selection; about 10 themes that I like and can be used in a lot of situations; maybe it could be helpfull for you !

Template 1: Olsen


Olsen: from 39$

Template 2: Revive Pro

(from http://www.frogsthemes.com/product-category/business-wordpress-themes=

About 49$

Template 3: Chameleon Pro


Chameleon Pro - About 49$

Template 4: Branded Pro

(from http://www.frogsthemes.com/product-category/business-wordpress-themes)

Branded pro - 39$

Template 5: FolioGrid Pro

(from http://foliogridpro.frogsthemes.com/)

FolioGrid Pro - 49$

Template 6: Orane


Orane - 59$

Template 7: Sahifa

(from http://themeforest.net/item/sahifa-responsive-wordpress-news-magazine-newspaper-theme/2819356?s_rank=1)

SAHIFA - 59$

Template 8: Smart MAG

(from http://themeforest.net/item/smartmag-responsive-retina-wordpress-magazine/6652608?s_rank=4)

Smart MAG - 59$

Template 9: Gonzo magazine theme


Gonzo magazine theme - 59$

Template 10: Goodnews


Goodnews - 59$

Template 11: BigFeature

(from http://themeforest.net/item/bigfeature-wordpress-theme/51702?s_rank=12)

Template 12: HOT TOPIX


HotTopix - 59$

Template 13: ExtraNews


ExtraNews - 59$

And now you will ask yourself, what are my prefered themes ?
In my case they are more above the end of the list :)

If you want to share your templates, just let a comment !

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Android Ad-Hoc app publication guide (with Xamarin Studio)

Warning before to start
Before to install a custom APK app on your device, make sure it comes from a secured and trusted source !

Generate your APK using Xamarin Studio

In order to have a valid package file (APK file), we have to generate a valid package signed with a security certificate. You can use a temporary certificate for test purpose. The process bellow shows you how to do that using Xamarin Studio Wizard:

Generate your APK

Select Archive for publishing menu

Then select "Ad-Hoc" option (to generate your APK localy)

Click on "Sign and distribute"

Create a custom signing certificate

Create a temporary certificate to sign your APK file

Install the APK on the target device

Configure the target device

In order to accept and install a "custom" APK (application coming from other sources than the Play Store), you will need to unlock your phone. This is done in the phone's parameters:


Activate: Security / "Unknown sources" menu

Step 2: Copy your APK to your device

You can copy the APK file directly to the device or you can use a service like Google Drive to share it. However once you've got your APK click it and then install it:


Install the app from your device's folder



Preparing an application for release:

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