Syncfusion Metro Studio: A free tool to create Metro-style icons


Your app is almost done? You've done the 'hardest' part while coding your app logic? Well there is still a painful job in the basket: create a wonderful set of icons to have an eye-catching app.
If you are not friend with design tools, welcome! this one could save your day:

This free tool allows you to browse through a large collection of icons.
Moreover, you can create easily your own icon.
A must have when developping Windows Phone / Windows 8 apps!


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NinjaMock : a free tool for prototyping mobile app and website


Don't rush into programming !

If you need a simple tool to prototype the design of your mobile apps before programming, NinjaMock ( is a nice tool to quickly create a wireframe containing the interaction logic of a user interface and get a simple representation of the look of the pages you want to build for your app.

FluidUI ( does the same job already but is mainly featured for Android and IOS and free version is very limited (one project only). NinjaMock allows to build prototype for many platforms (Android, IOS, Windows Phone, Windows 8 or Web) and it's free.


 Be creative ! ;)

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Add Xamarin.Forms intellisense to VS2013

Actually we can edit 'XAML' Xamarin forms but we don't have access to the designer. And more there is no auto-completion available.

Hopefully there is a way to add it !

In Visual Studio: Options\Extensiosn and Updates, add the following entry:

Gallery Setup

Then you will have access to the following extension:
Using the Gallery

You are ready to code in XAML !

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